“…  brilliant made by WhiskasFX.”

Harmonisch Serie – Max Cooper from WhiskasFX on Vimeo.

Originally released in January 09, this is a slightly re-worked version. The film was intended to reflect themes prevalent in Max Cooper’s music by investigate the mathematics and hidden beauties in the ordinary…

Max Cooper – Stochastisch Serie from WhiskasFX on Vimeo.

Inspired by notions of randomness and un-determinability, Stochastisch Serie by Max Cooper is another dancefloor growler baring his trademark melodic brooding sentiment and frequent reference to the world of science.

Chaotisch Serie – Max Cooper from WhiskasFX on Vimeo.

A suitably grand finale to Max Cooper’s ‘Series’, this track throbs and oozes with the same dark melancholy as the last two, a gritty and warm track with a brilliant abstract breakdown.

Enveloped – Max Cooper from WhiskasFX on Vimeo.

Most recent addition to the Max Cooper video series. This track deserved something more coherent and relatable to reflect the emotional content of the song and hence decided to use the human body as the focus, demonstrating a other-worldliness in keeping with Max’s other videos but a natural, physical property as well.

Client: Max Cooper / Traum
Director/Animation: Andrew Brewer / WhiskasFx
Camera/Lighting: Nataliya Gorbovskaya
Model: Beth Allan
Shot on: Canon EOS d5 mkii
At: Synced Films Studios

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